SHE Leads: a new movement for inspiring and empowering women

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SHE Leads: a new movement for inspiring and empowering women

Sometimes you just need to be bold and take a risk.

I hit rock bottom five years ago when I became a single mother with a toddler and a new baby. After shedding many tears, I decided to quit my corporate job and start my own business.

Some people were shocked and some even disapproved. But this bold decision enabled me to uncover my purpose and become a better me.

It was such hard work and I experienced countless challenges and obstacles. Importantly, I also experienced amazing outcomes. I am now building wealth and a future for myself and my children.

One of the extraordinary things that I have achieved since starting out in business was collaborating on a book with a group of American and Australian women. This project took me all the way to California in October 2016 to present a workshop at a conference.

It was such an exhilarating moment and cemented my purpose to inspire, empower and lead women.

As I sat on the plane during the 15-hour flight home, my mind raced with numerous ideas about how to help women discover their purpose and chase their dreams. I envisioned collaborating with Australian business women with the purpose of inspiring and empowering women around the country.

And SHE Leads was born.

The aim of the SHE Leads Movement is to inspire, empower and lead women to become influential leaders.

In just a few short months, eight Australian women have come together to share their stories in the powerful new book, SHE Leads.

The authors – Carolyn King, Christine Williams, Corinne Rayson, Maria Porcaro, Jade Hamilton, Nella Chiwke, Wendy Jacobs and Samantha Jansen – have collaborated to inspire, empower and help women discover their purpose.

Every author featured in this book has been through their own tough time and have overcome the challenges to move forward with their lives. They are all on a journey to help women to make a difference in the world. Women inspiring and empowering women to aim high and be bold.

SHE Leads is so much more than a book. It’s a guide to discover your passion, ignite your purpose, and help you find out who you really are and what you can achieve.


SHE Leads – The Official Book Launch

Join our SHE Leads celebration and give yourself the opportunity to ignite the spark that lights up your world.

At this book launch with a difference, each author will share their journey on WHY they do what they do. They will share how they make a difference for women in Australia to live a life of purpose with love, happiness, wealth and great health.

What is your purpose in life? What makes you happy? Do you have a fulfilling career? Are you starting a business? Are you building wealth or just making ends meet?

Get the motivation to change your life at the SHE Leads book launch.

Each guest receives a glass of wine or beer on arrival, canapes during the event, and a personally signed copy of SHE Leads.

When: Thursday 20 July at 6.30pm

Where: Number Ninety, 90 Atherton Road, Oakleigh


The event is sponsored by Samantha Jansen Publishing along with event partners Ingrid Karm from Karm Photography and Chad Bromley from 565 Productions.


Join the movement for inspiring and empowering women

Connect with us through the SHE Leads Movement.

Join the movement and discover the inspiration to pursue your dreams. If you’re already living the dream – share your experiences to help inspire and empower others.


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